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Artículo2021Anisotropic glide-symmetric substrate-integrated-holey metasurface for a compressed ultrawideband Luneburg lensAPPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS
Artículo2021Babinet's principle and saturation of the resonance frequency of scaled-down complementary metasurfacesAPPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS
Artículo2021Design and simulation of an imaging neutral particle analyzer for the ASDEX Upgrade tokamakREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2021Diameter and charge of the first droplet emitted in electrosprayPHYSICS OF FLUIDS
Artículo2021Effect of an axial electric field on the breakup of a leaky-dielectric liquid filamentPHYSICS OF FLUIDS
Artículo2021Extension of Babinet's principle for plasmonic metasurfacesAPPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS
Artículo2021Faraday waves under perpendicular electric field and their application to the walking droplet phenomenonPHYSICS OF FLUIDS
Artículo2021Implementation of synthetic fast-ion loss detector and imaging heavy ion beam probe diagnostics in the 3D hybrid kinetic-MHD code MEGAREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2021Informing NMR experiments with molecular dynamics simulations to characterize the dominant activated state of the KcsA ion channelJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Ponencia2021Measurement of activity concentration of polonium-210 in species of the phylum Mollusca, Tabasco, MexicoAIP Conference Proceedings
Revisión2021Physics and applications of three-ion ICRF scenarios for fusion researchPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2021Pushing the limits of magnetocaloric high-entropy alloysAPL MATERIALS
Artículo2021Self-adaptive diagnostic of radial fast-ion loss measurements on the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak (invited)REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2021The 16th Hilbert problem for discontinuous piecewise isochronous centers of degree one or two separated by a straight lineCHAOS
Artículo2021Theoretical inspection of the spin-crossover [Fe(tzpy)2(NCS)2] complex on Au(100) surfaceJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2021Upgrade and absolute calibration of the JET scintillator-based fast-ion loss detectorREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Ponencia2020A normalized variability index of daily solar radiationAIP Conference Proceedings
Ponencia2020An xfem-based numerical scheme to compute crack-induced electrical resistivity changes in cracked cnt-reinforced composites using ansysAIP Conference Proceedings
Ponencia2020Analysis of metallic impurities during the application of three-ion ICRH scenario at JET-ILW23RD TOPICAL CONFERENCE ON RADIOFREQUENCY POWER IN PLASMAS
Ponencia2020Cloudiness characterization in Seville using ceilometer measurementsAIP Conference Proceedings
Artículo2020Dynamics of formation of poly(vinyl alcohol) filaments with an energetically efficient micro-mixing mechanismPHYSICS OF FLUIDS
Artículo2020Fast modeling of turbulent transport in fusion plasmas using neural networksPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2020Formation of dual vortex breakdown in a two-fluid confined flowPHYSICS OF FLUIDS
Ponencia2020Micro damage and cracking in fibre reinforced composites by a novel hybrid numerical techniqueAIP Conference Proceedings
Artículo2020Mpemba effect in molecular gases under nonlinear dragPHYSICS OF FLUIDS
Artículo2020Network analysis reveals how lipids and other cofactors influence membrane protein allosteryJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Editorial2020Preface: 19th international conference on fracture and damage mechanicsAIP Conference Proceedings
Artículo2020Reduction of asymmetric wall force in JET and ITER disruptions including runaway electronsPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Ponencia2020Relations between the probabilities of exceedance of solar radiation and production of concentrating solar thermal systemsAIP Conference Proceedings
Artículo2020Switching between positive and negative movement near an air/water interface through lateral laser illuminationAPPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS
Ponencia2020Synergistic ICRH and NBI heating for fast ion generation and maximising fusion rate in mixed plasmas at JET23RD TOPICAL CONFERENCE ON RADIOFREQUENCY POWER IN PLASMAS
Artículo2020Temperature-FORC analysis of a magnetocaloric Heusler alloy using a unified driving force approach (T*FORC)JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS
Ponencia2019A beyond mean-field study of the Tavis-Cummings modelAIP Conference Proceedings
Artículo2019A comprehensive study of the uncertainties in bolometric tomography on JET using the maximum likelihood methodREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2019A direct transition to chaos in hysteretic systems with focus dynamicsCHAOS
Artículo2019A general study of actinyl hydration by molecular dynamics simulations using ab initio force fieldsJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2019A local fingerprint for hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity: From methane to peptidesJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Ponencia2019Charged-current quasielastic (anti)neutrino cross sections on 12 C with realistic spectral functions including meson-exchange contributions10TH JUBILEE CONFERENCE OF THE BALKAN PHYSICAL UNION
Artículo2019Combining DC and AC electric fields with deterministic lateral displacement for micro- and nano-particle separationBIOMICROFLUIDICS
Nota2019Comment on "which interactions dominate in active colloids?" [J. Chem. Phys. 150, 061102 (2019)]JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2019Correlations between elastic, calorimetric, and polar properties of ferroelectric PbSc0.5Ta0.5O3 (PST)APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS
Artículo2019Doping hepta-alanine with tryptophan: A theoretical study of its effect on the electrical conductance of peptide-based single-molecule junctionsJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2019Effect of reflections on 2D tomographic reconstructions of filtered cameras and on interpreting spectroscopic measurements in the JET ITER-like wall divertorREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2019Evaluation of serial crystallographic structure determination within megahertz pulse trainsSTRUCTURAL DYNAMICS-US
Artículo2019Exact stationary solutions of the parametrically driven and damped nonlinear Dirac equationCHAOS
Artículo2019FORC study of the ferromagnetic impurities in Na and K feldspars ofAIP ADVANCES
Artículo2019Forward modeling of collective Thomson scattering for Wendelstein 7-X plasmas: Electrostatic approximationREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Ponencia2019Impact of the intra-day variability of the DNI on the energy yield of CSP plantsSOLARPACES 2018: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER AND CHEMICAL ENERGY SYSTEMS
Artículo2019In-depth description of electrohydrodynamic conduction pumping of dielectric liquids: Physical model and regime analysisPHYSICS OF FLUIDS
Artículo2019Inducing locally structured ion energy distributions in intermediate-pressure plasmasPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2019Kinetic modeling of ELM-induced tungsten transport in a tokamak plasmaPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Ponencia2019New experimental campaign of NUMEN projectAIP Conference Proceedings
Artículo2019Non-linear modeling of the threshold between ELM mitigation and ELM suppression by resonant magnetic perturbations in ASDEX upgradePHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Ponencia2019Off-design model of concentrating solar power plant with thermochemical energy storage based on calcium-loopingSOLARPACES 2018: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER AND CHEMICAL ENERGY SYSTEMS
Artículo2019Optimization of the magnetic field homogeneity of circular and conical coil pairsREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2019Physically principled reflection models applied to filtered camera imaging inversions in metal walled fusion machinesREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Ponencia2019Scaling properties of the Lipkin model at the critical pointAIP Conference Proceedings
Artículo2019Self-consistent pedestal prediction for JET-ILW in preparation of the DT campaignPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2019Soliton ratchet induced by random transitions among symmetric sine-Gordon potentialsCHAOS
Ponencia2019The algebraic molecular model in C-12 and its application to the alpha+C-12 scattering: from densities and transition densities to optical potentials and nuclear formfactorsSYMMETRIES AND ORDER: ALGEBRAIC METHODS IN MANY BODY SYSTEMS: A SYMPOSIUM IN CELEBRATION OF THE CAREER OF PROFESSOR FRANCESCO IACHELLO
Ponencia2019The NUMEN Project @ LNS: Status and PerspectivesAIP Conference Proceedings
Artículo2018A rotary and reciprocating scintillator based fast-ion loss detector for the MAST-U tokamakREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2018Application of the VUV and the soft x-ray systems on JET for the study of intrinsic impurity behavior in neon seeded hybrid dischargesREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Ponencia2018Assessment of different control strategies to manage cloud-induced transients in central receiver systems using molten saltsINTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER AND CHEMICAL ENERGY SYSTEMS (SOLARPACES 2017)
Artículo2018Controlling of magnetocaloric effect in Gd2O3@SiO2 nanocomposites by substrate dimensionality and particles' concentrationAIP ADVANCES
Artículo2018Dependence of the turbulent particle flux on hydrogen isotopes induced by collisionalityPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2018Description of complex viewing geometries of fusion tomography diagnostics by ray-tracingREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2018Determination of 2D poloidal maps of the intrinsic W density for transport studies in JET-ILWREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2018Development of a new compact gamma-ray spectrometer optimised for runaway electron measurementsREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Ponencia2018Experimental testing of multi-tubular reactor for hydrogen production and comparison with a thermal CFD modelINTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER AND CHEMICAL ENERGY SYSTEMS (SOLARPACES 2017)
Artículo2018Filamentary velocity scaling validation in the TCV tokamakPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2018First measurements of a scintillator based fast-ion loss detector near the ASDEX Upgrade divertorREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2018High resolution gamma-ray spectrometer with MHz capabilities for runaway electron studies at ASDEX UpgradeREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2018High Z neoclassical transport: Application and limitation of analytical formulae for modelling JET experimental parametersPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2018Homoclinic-doubling and homoclinic-gluing bifurcations in the Takens-Bogdanov normal form with D-4 symmetryCHAOS
Artículo2018Inhomogeneous torsional creep problems in anisotropic Orlicz Sobolev spacesJOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS
Ponencia2018Injectable Hydrogels Based on Pluronic/Water Systems Filled with Alginate Microparticles: Rheological Characterization9TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON TIMES OF POLYMERS AND COMPOSITES: FROM AEROSPACE TO NANOTECHNOLOGY
Artículo2018Instrumentation for the upgrade to the JET core charge-exchange spectrometersREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2018Invited Article: Quantum memristors in quantum photonicsAPL PHOTONICS
Artículo2018JET diagnostic enhancements testing and commissioning in preparation for DT scientific campaignsREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2018Maximum likelihood bolometric tomography for the determination of the uncertainties in the radiation emission on JET TOKAMAKREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2018Neutron emission spectroscopy of D plasmas at JET with a compact liquid scintillating neutron spectrometerREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2018Non-Maxwellian fast particle effects in gyrokinetic GENE simulationsPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2018Nonlinear waves in a model for silicate layersCHAOS
Artículo2018Observations of core ion cyclotron emission on ASDEX Upgrade tokamakREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2018Optical and electrical properties of the transparent conductor SrVO3 without long-range crystalline orderAPPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS
Ponencia2018Optimisation of aiming strategies in solar tower power plantsINTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER AND CHEMICAL ENERGY SYSTEMS (SOLARPACES 2017)
Editorial2018Preface to Special Topic: 23rd Soft Magnetic Materials Conference, 10-13 September 2017, Sevilla, SpainAIP ADVANCES
Artículo2018Slip at the interface of a two-fluid swirling flowPHYSICS OF FLUIDS
Artículo2018Spectral characterization of laser-accelerated protons with CR-39 nuclear track detectorREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2018Sub-millisecond electron density profile measurement at the JET tokamak with the fast lithium beam emission spectroscopy systemREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Corrección2018Sub-millisecond electron density profile measurement at the JET tokamak with the fast lithium beam emission spectroscopy system (vol 89, 043509, 2018)REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2018The upgraded JET gamma-ray cameras based on high resolution/high count rate compact spectrometersREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2018Towards a new image processing system at Wendelstein 7-X: From spatial calibration to characterization of thermal eventsREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Ponencia2018Towards the Chilean solar thermal potential knowledge for solar power tower plantsINTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER AND CHEMICAL ENERGY SYSTEMS (SOLARPACES 2017)
Artículo2017A fast edge charge exchange recombination spectroscopy system at the ASDEX Upgrade tokamakREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Ponencia2017A methodology for probabilistic assessment of solar thermal power plants yieldINTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER AND CHEMICAL ENERGY SYSTEMS (SOLARPACES 2016)
Artículo2017Axisymmetric global Alfven eigenmodes within the ellipticity-induced frequency gap in the Joint European TorusPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2017Calibration of neutron detectors on the Joint European TorusREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2017Comparison of JETAVDE disruption data with M3D simulations and implications for ITERPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Ponencia2017Economical and Environmental Analysis of Thermal and Photovoltaic Solar Energy as Source of Heat for Industrial ProcessesINTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER AND CHEMICAL ENERGY SYSTEMS (SOLARPACES 2016)
Artículo2017Extensions to the charge exchange recombination spectroscopy diagnostic suite at ASDEX UpgradeREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2017Gyrokinetic modeling of impurity peaking in JET H-mode plasmasPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2017Impact of toroidal and poloidal mode spectra on the control of non-axisymmetric fields in tokamaksPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2017LabVIEW-based control and acquisition system for the dosimetric characterization of a silicon strip detectorREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2017Magnetic field homogeneity of a conical coaxial coil pairREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2017Mimicking glide symmetry dispersion with coupled slot metasurfacesAPPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS
Artículo2017Optimal response of Batchelor vortexPHYSICS OF FLUIDS
Editorial2017Response to "Comment on 'Entropy and complexity analysis of hydrogenic Rydberg atoms'" [J. Math. Phys. 58, 104101 (2017)]JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2017Self-consistent modeling of laminar electrohydrodynamic plumes from ultra-sharp needles in cyclohexanePHYSICS OF FLUIDS
Ponencia2017Statistical analysis of CSP plants by simulating extensive meteorological seriesINTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER AND CHEMICAL ENERGY SYSTEMS (SOLARPACES 2016)
Ponencia2017Thermochemical Storage for CSP via Redox Structured Reactors/Heat Exchangers: the RESTRUCTURE ProjectINTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER AND CHEMICAL ENERGY SYSTEMS (SOLARPACES 2016)
Artículo2017Topology changes in a water-oil swirling flowPHYSICS OF FLUIDS
Artículo2017Velocity-space sensitivities of neutron emission spectrometers at the tokamaks JET and ASDEX Upgrade in deuterium plasmasREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2016A classification scheme for edge-localized modes based on their probability distributionsREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2016A fast feedback controlled magnetic drive for the ASDEX Upgrade fast-ion loss detectorsREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2016A hydrated ion model of [UO2](2+) in water: Structure, dynamics, and spectroscopy from classical molecular dynamicsJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Ponencia2016A methodology for calculating percentile values of annual direct normal solar irradiation seriesSOLARPACES 2015: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER AND CHEMICAL ENERGY SYSTEMS
Artículo2016A new beam emission polarimetry diagnostic for measuring the magnetic field line angle at the plasma edge of ASDEX UpgradeREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2016A unified approach to describe the thermal and magnetic hysteresis in Heusler alloysAPPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS
Artículo2016AC electrified jets in a flow-focusing device: Jet length scalingBIOMICROFLUIDICS
Ponencia2016An Approach to the Isotheory by Means of Extended PseudoisotopismsPROCEEDINGS OF THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON NUMERICAL ANALYSIS AND APPLIED MATHEMATICS 2015 (ICNAAM-2015)
Artículo2016An FPGA-based bolometer for the MAST-U Super-X divertorREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2016Bayesian modelling of the emission spectrum of the Joint European Torus Lithium Beam Emission Spectroscopy systemREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2016Canards in a minimal piecewise-linear square-wave bursterCHAOS
Ponencia2016Charged-Current Inclusive Neutrino Cross Sections in the SuperScaling Model9TH INTERNATIONAL PHYSICS CONFERENCE OF THE BALKAN PHYSICAL UNION (BPU-9)
Artículo2016Comparison of dust transport modelling codes in a tokamak plasmaPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2016Conceptual design of the ITER fast-ion loss detectorREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2016Dual origin of pairing in nucleiPHYSICS OF ATOMIC NUCLEI
Artículo2016Edge profile analysis of Joint European Torus (JET) Thomson scattering data: Quantifying the systematic error due to edge localised mode synchronisationREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2016Effect of temperature variations on equilibrium distances in levitating parallel dielectric plates interacting through Casimir forcesJOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS
Artículo2016Electric charge limits on settled powdersJOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS
Artículo2016Evaluation of reconstruction errors and identification of artefacts for JET gamma and neutron tomographyREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2016Extending helium partial pressure measurement technology to JET DTE2 and ITERREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2016First neutron spectroscopy measurements with a pixelated diamond detector at JETREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2016Flue gas adsorption by single-wall carbon nanotubes: A Monte Carlo studyJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2016Gamma-ray spectroscopy at MHz counting rates with a compact LaBr3 detector and silicon photomultipliers for fusion plasma applicationsREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2016Generation of micro-sized PDMS particles by a flow focusing technique for biomicrofluidics applicationsBIOMICROFLUIDICS
Artículo2016In situ wavelength calibration of the edge CXS spectrometers on JETREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2016Instability of a water-spout flowPHYSICS OF FLUIDS
Artículo2016Ion temperature and toroidal rotation in JET's low torque plasmasREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2016ITER-like antenna capacitors voltage probes: Circuit/electromagnetic calculations and calibrationsREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2016JET diagnostic enhancements in preparation for DT operationsREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2016Large magnetocaloric effect in fine (GdO3)-O-2 nanoparticles embedded in porous silica matrixAPPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS
Artículo2016Line graphs for a multiplex networkCHAOS
Artículo2016Linear and nonlinear dynamics of an insoluble surfactant-laden liquid bridgePHYSICS OF FLUIDS
Artículo2016MHD marking using the MSE polarimeter optics in ILW JET plasmasREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2016Modeling of conductive particle motion in viscous medium affected by an electric field considering particle-electrode interactions and microdischarge phenomenonPHYSICS OF FLUIDS
Artículo2016Neutron emission spectroscopy of DT plasmas at enhanced energy resolution with diamond detectorsREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Ponencia2016Optical Design and Optimization of Parabolic Dish Solar Concentrator with a Cavity Hybrid ReceiverSOLARPACES 2015: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER AND CHEMICAL ENERGY SYSTEMS
Artículo2016Performance of the prototype LaBr3 spectrometer developed for the JET gamma-ray camera upgradeREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2016Resonantly induced transparency for metals with low angular dependenceAPPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS
Artículo2016Response function of single crystal synthetic diamond detectors to 1-4 MeV neutrons for spectroscopy of D plasmasREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2016Stability of thermal convection in a rotating cylindrical containerPHYSICS OF FLUIDS
Artículo2016Stabilization of sawteeth with third harmonic deuterium ICRF-accelerated beam in JET plasmasPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2016Study of the triton-burnup process in different JET scenarios using neutron monitor based on CVD diamondREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2016The influence of magnetocrystalline anisotropy on the magnetocaloric effect: A case study on Co2BAPPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS
Artículo2015Characterization of the magnetic interactions of multiphase magnetocaloric materials using first-order reversal curve analysisJOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS
Ponencia2015Comparison of the Effects of Couplings to Breakup Channels in Reactions Induced by Li-6 and He-6 on the Same Zn-64 TargetNUCLEAR STRUCTURE AND DYNAMICS '15
Artículo2015Determining the exact number of dye molecules attached to colloidal CdSe/ZnS quantum dots in Förster resonant energy transfer assembliesJOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS
Ponencia2015Elastic scattering for the system Li-6 + p at near barrier energies with MAGNEXEXOTIC NUCLEI AND NUCLEAR/PARTICLE ASTROPHYSICS (V). FROM NUCLEI TO STARS
Artículo2015Enhanced cryogenic magnetocaloric effect in Eu8Ga16Ge30 clathrate nanocrystalsJOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS
Artículo2015Fast ion energy distribution from third harmonic radio frequency heating measured with a single crystal diamond detector at the Joint European TorusREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2015Four-state magnetic configuration in a tri-layer asymmetric ringAPPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS
Ponencia2015High Temperature Behavior of Nanostructured Al Powders Obtained by Mechanical Alloying under NH3 Flow4TH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS IN ADVANCES IN APPLIED PHYSICS AND MATERIALS SCIENCE (APMAS 2014)
Artículo2015Influence of microstructure on the enhancement of soft magnetic character and the induced anisotropy of field annealed HITPERM-type alloysJOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS
Ponencia2015Pairing interaction and reaction mechanism for one- and two-particle transfer reactions: a simple model in one dimensionNUCLEAR STRUCTURE AND DYNAMICS '15
Ponencia2015Phase Stability, Porosity Distribution and Microstructural Evolution of Amorphous Al50Ti50 Powders Consolidated by Electrical Resistance Sintering4TH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS IN ADVANCES IN APPLIED PHYSICS AND MATERIALS SCIENCE (APMAS 2014)
Ponencia2015Reaction Dynamics Induced By The Radioactive Ion Beam Be-7 on Medium-Mass and Heavy TargetsNUCLEAR STRUCTURE AND DYNAMICS '15
Artículo2015Robust regression with CUDA and its application to plasma reflectometryREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2015Self-assembly of metal nanowires induced by alternating current electric fieldsAPPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS
Artículo2015Silicon-based three-dimensional microstructures for radiation dosimetry in hadrontherapyAPPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS
Artículo2015Stability of centrifugal convection in a rotating pipePHYSICS OF FLUIDS
Ponencia2015Superscaling in electron-nucleus scattering and its link to CC and NC QE neutrino-nucleus scatteringNUINT12: 8TH INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON NEUTRINO-NUCLEUS INTERACTIONS IN THE FEW-GEV REGION
Artículo2015The effects of impurities and core pressure on pedestal stability in Joint European Torus (JET)PHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2015The global build-up to intrinsic edge localized mode bursts seen in divertor full flux loops in JETPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2015The impact of poloidal asymmetries on tungsten transport in the core of JET H-mode plasmasPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2015Theoretical study on the hydrophobic and hydrophilic hydration on large solutes: The case of phthalocyanines in waterJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2015Three-dimensional non-linear magnetohydrodynamic modeling of massive gas injection triggered disruptions in JETPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2014A procedure to extract the magnetocaloric parameters of the single phases from experimental data of a multiphase systemAPPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS
Artículo2014Air-water centrifugal convectionPHYSICS OF FLUIDS
Artículo2014Collecting high-order interactions in an effective pairwise intermolecular potential using the hydrated ion concept: The hydration of Cf3+JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2014Dynamical response of liquid bridges to a step change in the mass force magnitudePHYSICS OF FLUIDS
Artículo2014Effects of inter-resonator coupling in split ring resonator loaded metamaterial transmission linesJOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS
Artículo2014Finite amplitude electroconvection induced by strong unipolar injection between two coaxial cylindersPHYSICS OF FLUIDS
Ponencia2014Fusion Alpha-Particle Diagnostics for DT Experiments on the Joint European TorusFUSION REACTOR DIAGNOSTICS
Ponencia2014H-mode characterisation for dominant ECRH and comparison to dominant NBI or ICRF heating at ASDEX UpgradeRADIOFREQUENCY POWER IN PLASMAS
Artículo2014How does a shear boundary layer affect the stability of a capillary jet?PHYSICS OF FLUIDS
Artículo2014Impact of structural disorder on the magnetic ordering and magnetocaloric response of amorphous Gd-based microwiresJOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS
Artículo2014Influence of the demagnetizing factor on the magnetocaloric effect: critical scaling and numerical simulationsAPPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS
Artículo2014Magnetocaloric effect in heavy rare-earth elements doped Fe-based bulk metallic glasses with tunable Curie temperatureJOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS
Artículo2014Magnetocaloric effect of Co62Nb6Zr2B30 amorphous alloys obtained by mechanical alloying or rapid quenchingJOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS
Artículo2014Milling effects on magnetic properties of melt spun Fe-Nb-B alloyJOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS
Artículo2014Nuclear field theory predictions for Li-11 and Be-12: Shedding light on the origin of pairing in nucleiPHYSICS OF ATOMIC NUCLEI
Artículo2014On the broadening of the magnetic entropy change due to Curie temperature distributionJOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS
Artículo2014Optical properties and refractive index sensitivity of reactive sputtered oxide coatings with embedded Au clustersJOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS
Artículo2014Single electron states in polyethyleneJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2014Surface temperature: A key parameter to control the propanethiol plasma polymer chemistryJOURNAL OF VACUUM SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY A-VACUUM SURFACES AND FILMS
Artículo2014The breakup length of harmonically stimulated capillary jetsAPPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS
Artículo2014The stability of a horizontal interface between air and an insulating liquid subjected to charge injectionPHYSICS OF FLUIDS
Ponencia2013A Beyond Mean Field study of Bose gases in a double-well potential with a Feshbach resonanceLA RABIDA 2012 INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC MEETING ON NUCLEAR PHYSICS: BASIC CONCEPTS IN NUCLEAR PHYSICS: THEORY, EXPERIMENTS, AND APPLICATIONS
Artículo2013A diabatic parameterization of the twofold ground state potential energy surface of the H2O-OH molecular complexJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Ponencia2013beta-delayed neutron emission measurements around the third gamma-process abundance peakLA RABIDA 2012 INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC MEETING ON NUCLEAR PHYSICS: BASIC CONCEPTS IN NUCLEAR PHYSICS: THEORY, EXPERIMENTS, AND APPLICATIONS
Artículo2013Chen's attractor exists if Lorenz repulsor exists: The Chen system is a special case of the Lorenz systemCHAOS
Artículo2013Design considerations for tailoring the thickness profile of transparent dielectric deposits by continuous-wave laser depositionJOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS
Artículo2013Development of the gas puff charge exchange recombination spectroscopy (GP-CXRS) technique for ion measurements in the plasma edgeREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Artículo2013Dynamical behavior of electrified pendant dropsPHYSICS OF FLUIDS
Artículo2013Entropy and complexity analysis of hydrogenic Rydberg atomsJOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2013EXAFS Debye-Waller factors issued from Car-Parrinello molecular dynamics: Application to the fit of oxaliplatin and derivativesJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2013Exclusivity structures and graph representatives of local complementation orbitsJOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2013Increasing the efficiency of the passive loading strategy for wave energy conversionJOURNAL OF RENEWABLE AND SUSTAINABLE ENERGY
Ponencia2013Influence of Composition on Pitting Corrosion of (MA)-Al Reinforced with Carbides and Nitrides3RD INTERNATIONAL ADVANCES IN APPLIED PHYSICS AND MATERIALS SCIENCE CONGRESS
Artículo2013Influence of magnetic interactions between phases on the magnetocaloric effect of compositesAPPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS
Artículo2013Low hysteresis and large room temperature magnetocaloric effect of Gd5Si2.05-xGe1.95-xNi2x (2x=0.08, 0.1) alloysJOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS
Artículo2013Magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effects in GdCo9Si2 compound with multiple magnetic phase transitionsJOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS
Artículo2013Multi-view fast-ion D-alpha spectroscopy diagnostic at ASDEX UpgradeREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS
Ponencia2013Neutron Research At The N_TOF Facility (CERN): Results And PerspectivesAPPLICATION OF ACCELERATORS IN RESEARCH AND INDUSTRY
Artículo2013Potential energy curves and spin-orbit coupling of light alkali-heavy rare gas moleculesJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Editorial2013Preface: La Rábida 2012 international scientific meeting on nuclear physicsAIP Conference Proceedings
Artículo2013Scanning transmission electron microscopy investigations of self-forming diffusion barrier formation in Cu(Mn) alloys on SiO2APL MATERIALS
Ponencia2013Solid state amorphization in the Al-Fe binary system during high energy milling3RD INTERNATIONAL ADVANCES IN APPLIED PHYSICS AND MATERIALS SCIENCE CONGRESS
Artículo2013The use of amorphous boron powder enhances mechanical alloying in soft magnetic FeNbB alloy: A magnetic studyJOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS
Artículo2013Tuning the Curie temperature in gamma-FeNi nanoparticles for magnetocaloric applications by controlling the oxidation kineticsJOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS
Corrección2013Tuning the Curie temperature in gamma-FeNi nanoparticles for magnetocaloric applications by controlling the oxidation kinetics (vol 113, 17A918, 2013)JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS
Artículo2013Uniform self-diffusion in a granular gasPHYSICS OF FLUIDS
Artículo2013Vortex breakdown in a water-spout flowPHYSICS OF FLUIDS
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