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Ponencia2010 On the mechanism of demethylating agents-induced DNA damage TOXICOLOGY LETTERS
Ponencia2010 The methylating agent budesonide protects from m-AMSA induced endoreduplication and DNA damage in the repair deficient CHO mutant EM9 TOXICOLOGY LETTERS
Ponencia2009 A License Plate Extraction Algorithm Based on Edge Statistics and Region Growing IMAGE ANALYSIS AND PROCESSING - ICIAP 2009, PROCEEDINGS
Artículo2009 An empirical study of the driving forces behind online communities INTERNET RESEARCH
Artículo2006 Modulation of radiation response by inhibiting topoisomerase II catalytic activity Mutation Research
Artículo2005 Digitoxin inhibits the growth of cancer cell lines at concentrations commonly found in cardiac patients JOURNAL OF NATURAL PRODUCTS
Artículo2005 Endoreduplication induced in cultured Chinese hamster cells by different anti-topoisomerase II chemicals - Evidence for the essential contribution of the enzyme to chromosome segregation MUTATION RESEARCH-GENETIC TOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MUTAGENESIS
Revisión2003 Induction of endoreduplication by topoisomerase II catalytic inhibitors MUTAGENESIS
Revisión2003 Roles of DNA topoisomerases in chromosome segregation and mitosis MUTATION RESEARCH-REVIEWS IN MUTATION RESEARCH
Artículo2002 A comparative study of genotoxic effects of anti-topoisomerase II drugs ICRF-193 and bufalin in Chinese hamster ovary cells MUTATION RESEARCH-GENETIC TOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MUTAGENESIS
Artículo2002 High yield of endoreduplication induced by ICRF-193: a topoisomerase II catalytic inhibitor MUTATION RESEARCH-GENETIC TOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MUTAGENESIS
Artículo2001 DNA topoisomerases in cancer chemotherapy: basic and applied aspects CYTOBIOS
Letter2001 Ionizing radiation damage repair: a role for topoisomerases? MUTAGENESIS
Artículo2001 Testing the SCE mechanism with non-poisoning topoisomerase II inhibitors MUTATION RESEARCH-GENETIC TOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MUTAGENESIS
Artículo2000 Cytotoxic activity of flavonoids and extracts from Retama sphaerocarpa boissier ZEITSCHRIFT FUR NATURFORSCHUNG C-A JOURNAL OF BIOSCIENCES
Artículo2000 Glucosylated isoflavones as DNA topoisomerase II poisons JOURNAL OF ENZYME INHIBITION
Capítulo2000 Seguimiento, vigilancia, control y remediación de la contaminación generada por el vertido minero de Aznalcóllar: Subproyecto 4.8: efectos biológicos del vertido de Aznalcóllar en el ratón moruno (Mus Spretus) de zonas afectadas del Río Guadiamar y Doñana Programa de Investigación del Corredor verde del Guadiamar PICOVER 1999-2002 : integrando investigación, conservación y desarrollo
Artículo2000 Yield of SCEs and translocations produced by 3 aminobenzamide in cultured Chinese hamster cells Mutation Research
Artículo1999 Topoisomerase activities and levels in irradiated Chinese hamster AA8 cells and in its radiosensitive mutant EM9 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RADIATION BIOLOGY
Artículo1998 A high yield of translocations parallels the high yield of sister chromatid exchanges in the CHO mutant EM9 Mutation Research
Artículo1998 Enhanced sensitivity to topoisomerase inhibitors in synchronous CHO cells pre-treated with 5-azacytidine Mutation Research
Artículo1998 Protection provided by exogenous DNA ligase in G(0) human lymphocytes treated with restriction enzyme Mspl or bleomycin as shown by the comet assay ENVIRONMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MUTAGENESIS
Artículo1997 Apoptotic and necrotic cell death are both induced by electroporation in HL60 human promyeloid leukaemia cells APOPTOSIS
Artículo1997 Effectiveness of combined treatments with topoisomerase inhibitors, X-rays and hydrogen peroxide to induce apoptosis in HL60 human leukaemia cells BIOMEDICAL LETTERS
Artículo1994 Differences in the adaptive response to radiation-damage in G(0) human-lymphocytes conditioned with hydrogen-peroxide or low-dose x-rays Mutation Research
Artículo1994 Evidence that sces induced by mutagens do not occur at the same locus in successive cell-cycles - lack of cancellation in 3-way stained cho chromosomes ENVIRONMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MUTAGENESIS
Artículo1994 Exogenous catalase introduced in cho cells by electroporation does not protect against chromosome-damage induced by ionizing-radiation CELL BIOLOGY INTERNATIONAL
Artículo1993 Poly-d-lysine enhances the genotoxicity of bleomycin in cultured cho cells CARCINOGENESIS
Artículo1992 A comparative study of the potentiating effect of caffeine and poly-d-lysine on chromosome damage induced by X-rays in plant cells Mutation Research
Artículo1992 Different effectiveness of 4-nitroquinoline-1-oxide, mitomycin-c and ethyl methanesulfonate to induce lesions in dna leading to sister chromatid exchange throughout successive cell-cycles in chinese-hamster ovary cells MUTAGENESIS
Artículo1992 Influence of low-doses of brdu and estimation of spontaneous sce in cho chromosomes - 3-way differential staining and an immunoperoxidase method CHROMOSOMA
Artículo1992 Mitomycin C, 4-nitroquinoline-1-oxide and ethyl methanesulfonate induced long-lived lesions in DNA which result in SCEs during successive cell cycles in human lymphocytes Mutation Research
Artículo1992 Poly-d-lysine in g(2) potentiates chromosome-damage induced by x-rays and mitomycin-c in cho cells Mutation Research
Artículo1991 Premature onset of mitosis and potentiation of chromosome-damage induced by poly-d-lysine in plant-cells - evidence for g2 repair Mutation Research
Artículo1990 Adaptive response in human-lymphocytes conditioned with hydrogen-peroxide before irradiation with x-rays MUTAGENESIS
Artículo1990 Evidence for an adaptive response to radiation-damage in plant-cells conditioned with x-rays or incorporated tritium INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RADIATION BIOLOGY
Artículo1989 G2 effects of dna-repair inhibitors on chromatid-type aberrations in root-tip cells treated with maleic hydrazide and mitomycin-c Mutation Research Letters
Nota1987 Acetaldehyde induces mature endoreduplicated allium-cepa root-cells to divide EXPERIENTIA
Artículo1987 Effects of caffeine and inhibitors of dna-synthesis on chromatid-type aberrations induced by acetaldehyde in root-tip cells Mutation Research
Artículo1987 Factors affecting the production of sces by maleic hydrazide in root-tip chromosomes of allium cepa Mutation Research
Artículo1986 Cytotoxic and genotoxic effects of ethanol and acetaldehyde in root-meristem cells of Allium cepa Mutation Research
Artículo1985 C-mitosis, chromosomal-aberrations and sister chromatid exchanges induced by chloroform in root-tip cells of allium-cepa CYTOBIOS
Artículo1984 Ultrastructural-localization of acid-phosphatase-activity in the kidney sac nephrocytes of helix-aspersa ACTA HISTOCHEMICA ET CYTOCHEMICA


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23/06/2008 26/06/2008 Responsable XVII Reunión científica de la sociedad española de mutagénesis ambiental (SEMA) (PP2007-02-022) Universidad de Sevilla (Local)