Arlo Daniel Hinclkey Boned

Acceso Margarita Salas
Área de conocimiento: Zoología
Departamento: Zoología
Grupo: Sin Grupo
Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2022 A comparative analysis of extraction protocol performance on degraded mammalian museum specimens FRONTIERS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION
Artículo2022 Challenging ecogeographical rules: Phenotypic variation in the Mountain Treeshrew (Tupaia montana) along tropical elevational gradients. PLOS ONE
Artículo2022 Evolutionary history of Sundaland shrews (Eulipotyphla: Soricidae: Crocidura) with a focus on Borneo ZOOLOGICAL JOURNAL OF THE LINNEAN SOCIETY
Artículo2022 Expert range maps of global mammal distributions harmonised to three taxonomic authorities JOURNAL OF BIOGEOGRAPHY
Artículo2022 Taxonomic status of southern Iberian Neomys populations with evolutionary and conservation implications Hystrix
Artículo2021 Genetic diversity and gene flow decline with elevation in the Near Eastern fire salamander (Salamandra infraimmaculata) at Mount Hermon, Golan Heights Amphibia - Reptilia
Artículo2020 Ancient Divergence Driven by Geographic Isolation and Ecological Adaptation in Forest Dependent Sundaland Tree Squirrels FRONTIERS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION
Artículo2020 Interpopulation Variability in Dietary Traits of Invasive BleakAlburnus alburnus(Actinopterygii, Cyprinidae) Across the Iberian Peninsula WATER
Artículo2019 Allopatric diversification and evolutionary melting pot in a North African Palearctic relict: The biogeographic history of Salamandra algira MOLECULAR PHYLOGENETICS AND EVOLUTION
Artículo2018 Inter-population variability in growth and reproduction of invasive bleak Alburnus alburnus (Linnaeus, 1758) across the Iberian Peninsula MARINE AND FRESHWATER RESEARCH
Artículo2018 Recent island colonization by an introduced shrew in the western Mediterranean Hystrix
Editorial2017 Northern coastal populations of Pelobates varaldii PASTEUR & BONS, 1959: new breeding ponds and proposal for their conservation HERPETOZOA
Artículo2017 The fall of a symbol? A high predation rate by the introduced horseshoe whip snake Hemorrhois hippocrepis paints a bleak future for the endemic Ibiza wall lizard Podarcis pityusensis EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF WILDLIFE RESEARCH
Artículo2016 Inter-population plasticity in dietary traits of invasive bleak Alburnus alburnus (Linnaeus, 1758) in Iberian fresh waters JOURNAL OF APPLIED ICHTHYOLOGY
Nota2015 First record of limb abnormalities in the Near Eastern fire salamander (Salamandra infraimmaculata) Herpetological Bulletin
Artículo2014 Use of a subterranean habitat by the Mediterranean stripe-necked terrapin (Mauremys leprosa) Herpetological Bulletin
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