Sonia Merinero Mesa

Talento Doctores (PID Junta Andalucía)
Área de conocimiento: Botánica
Departamento: Biología Vegetal y Ecología
Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2021 Drivers of large-scale spatial demographic variation in a perennial plant ECOSPHERE
Artículo2021 ForestTemp - Sub-canopy microclimate temperatures of European forests GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2021 Warm range margin of boreal bryophytes and lichens not directly limited by temperatures JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY
Artículo2020 Contrasting environmental drivers determine biodiversity patterns in epiphytic lichen communities along a european gradient MICROORGANISMS
Artículo2020 Disentangling functional trait variation and covariation in epiphytic lichens along a continent-wide latitudinal gradient PROCEEDINGS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY B-BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES
Artículo2020 Intraspecific variation influences performance of moss transplants along microclimate gradients ECOLOGY
Artículo2020 SoilTemp: A global database of near-surface temperature GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Editorial2018 Low synthesis of secondary compounds in the lichen Lobaria pulmonaria infected by the lichenicolous fungus Plectocarpon lichenum NEW PHYTOLOGIST
Artículo2018 Specialized fungal parasites reduce fitness of their lichen hosts ANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2017 Intraspecific life history variation in contrasting habitats: Insights from an obligate symbiotic organism AMERICAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY
Artículo2017 Variation in the reproductive strategy of a lichenized fungus along a climatic gradient ANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2016 The role of fungal parasites in tri-trophic interactions involving lichens and lichen-feeding snails NEW PHYTOLOGIST
Artículo2015 Development and characterization of fungal specific microsatellite markers in the lichen Lobarina scrobiculata (Lobariaceae, Ascomycota) LICHENOLOGIST
Artículo2015 Do lichen secondary compounds play a role in highly specific fungal parasitism? FUNGAL ECOLOGY
Artículo2015 Epiphytic lichen growth in Mediterranean forests: Effects of proximity to the ground and reproductive stage BASIC AND APPLIED ECOLOGY
Artículo2015 Tree species and microhabitat influence the population structure of the epiphytic lichen Lobaria pulmonaria FUNGAL ECOLOGY
Artículo2014 Environmental factors that drive the distribution and abundance of a threatened cyanolichen in southern Europe: a multi-scale approach AMERICAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY
Artículo2014 Lichenized and lichenicolous fungi from the Sierra de Albarracín (Teruel, Spain) Botanica Complutensis
Artículo2014 Size is a main driver for hydration traits in cyanoand cephalolichens of boreal rainforest canopies FUNGAL ECOLOGY
Artículo2014 Towards the adoption of an international standard for biomonitoring with lichens-Consistency of assessment performed by experts from six European countries ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS
Artículo2011 Primera cita de Sticta fuliginosa (dicks.) ach. (lobariaceae) en el SE peninsular Acta Botanica Malacitana

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