Alfonso Manuel Soto Moreno

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Área de conocimiento: Medicina
Departamento: Medicina
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Artículo2020 A New Generation Somatostatin-Dopamine Analogue Exerts Potent Antitumoral Actions on Pituitary Neuroendocrine Tumor Cells NEUROENDOCRINOLOGY
Artículo2020 A somatostatin receptor subtype-3 (SST3) peptide agonist shows antitumor effects in experimental models of nonfunctioning pituitary tumors CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH
Artículo2020 Codificar para gestionar Endocrinologia, Diabetes y Nutricion
Artículo2020 Manifestaciones endocrinas de los tumores germinales del sistema nervioso central en niños Endocrinologia, Diabetes y Nutricion
Artículo2020 Nuestra experiencia en prolactinomas mayores de 60 mm Endocrinologia, Diabetes y Nutricion
Artículo2020 Statins directly regulate pituitary cell function and exert antitumor effects in pituitary tumors NEUROENDOCRINOLOGY
Artículo2019 Aip and men1 mutations and aip immunohistochemistry in pituitary adenomas in a tertiary referral center ENDOCRINE CONNECTIONS
Artículo2019 Biguanides Exert Antitumoral Actions in Pituitary Tumor Cells Through AMPK-Dependent and -Independent Mechanisms JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM
Artículo2019 E-cadherin expression is associated with somatostatin analogue response in acromegaly JOURNAL OF CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE
Artículo2019 Splicing machinery is dysregulated in pituitary neuroendocrine tumors and is associated with aggressiveness features CANCERS
Artículo2019 Surgical outcome and treatment of thyrotropin-secreting pituitary tumors in a tertiary referral center WORLD NEUROSURGERY
Artículo2019 Why don’t corticotroph tumors always produce Cushing’s disease? EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGY
Artículo2018 Association between dopamine and somatostatin receptor expression and pharmacological response to somatostatin analogues in acromegaly JOURNAL OF CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE
Artículo2017 BIM-23A760 influences key functional endpoints in pituitary adenomas and normal pituitaries: Molecular mechanisms underlying the differential response in adenomas SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
Artículo2016 Octreotide and pasireotide (dis)similarly inhibit pituitary tumor cells in vitro The Journal of endocrinology
Artículo2016 The Molecular Registry of Pituitary Adenomas (REMAH): A bet of Spanish Endocrinology for the future of individualized medicine and translational research Endocrinología y Nutrición
Artículo2015 In1-ghrelin splicing variant is overexpressed in pituitary adenomas and increases their aggressive features SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
Artículo2015 Molecular Characterization of Growth Hormone-producing Tumors in the GC Rat Model of Acromegaly SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
Artículo2015 Truncated somatostatin receptor variant sst5TMD4 confers aggressive features (proliferation, invasion and reduced octreotide response) to somatotropinomas CANCER LETTERS
Artículo2014 Genetically engineered mouse models of pituitary tumors FRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY
Artículo2013 A cellular and molecular basis for the selective desmopressin-induced ACTH release in cushing disease patients: Key role of AVPR1b receptor and potential therapeutic implications JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM
Artículo2013 Neurocognitive Function in Acromegaly after Surgical Resection of GH-Secreting Adenoma versus Naive Acromegaly PLOS ONE
Artículo2012 Measurement of oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction in patients with hypopituitarism and severe deficiency adult growth hormone deficiency Pituitary
Artículo2011 Budget impact of using midnight salivary cortisol in the diagnosis of hypercortisolism CLINICA CHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2011 Self-limited acute hepatotoxicity caused by pegvisomant Pituitary
Artículo2010 Evidence of Cognitive and Neurophysiological Impairment in Patients with Untreated Naive Acromegaly JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM
Artículo2009 A clinical profile of memory impairment in humans due to endogenous glucocorticoid excess CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY
Artículo2009 The Medical management of cushing's syndrome Endocrinología y Nutrición
Artículo2008 Clinical practice guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of hypophysitis Endocrinología y Nutrición
Artículo2008 Long-term maintenance of low-dose antithyroid drugs versus drug withdrawal in patients with Graves' hyperthyroidism Endocrinología y Nutrición
Revisión2005 Basic principles, treatment objectives, prognostic factors and criteria for control Endocrinología y Nutrición
Artículo2005 Surgical treatment of primary hyperparathyroidism in pregnancy CIRUGIA ESPANOLA
Artículo2002 Thyroid carcinoma on an ovarian teratoma: A case report and review of the literature GYNECOLOGICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY
Artículo2001 Iodine-131 treatment of thyroid papillary carcinoma in patients undergoing dialysis for chronic renal failure: A dosimetric method THYROID
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