Maria Luisa Hernandez Jimenez

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Área de conocimiento: Bioquímica y Biología Molecular
Departamento: Bioquímica Vegetal y Biología Molecular
Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023 Plastid 2-Cys peroxiredoxins are essential for embryogenesis in Arabidopsis. REDOX BIOLOGY
Artículo2022 Carbon supply and water status regulate fatty acid and triacylglycerol biosynthesis at transcriptional level in the olive mesocarp. PLANT CELL AND ENVIRONMENT
Revisión2021 Chloroplast lipids metabolism and function. A redox perspective FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2021 Distinct Physiological Roles of Three Phospholipid:Diacylglycerol Acyltransferase Genes in Olive Fruit with Respect to Oil Accumulation and the Response to Abiotic Stress FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2021 Modification of 13-hydroperoxide lyase expression in olive affects plant growth and results in altered volatile profile PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2021 Regulation of olive fatty acid desaturation by environmental stresses and culture conditions ANNUAL PLANT REVIEWS ONLINE
Artículo2021 The Oleic/Linoleic Acid Ratio in Olive (Olea europaea L.) Fruit Mesocarp Is Mainly Controlled by OeFAD2-2 and OeFAD2-5 Genes Together With the Different Specificity of Extraplastidial Acyltransferase Enzymes FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2020 Lipid composition and associated gene expression patterns during pollen germination and pollen tube growth in olive (Olea europaea L.) Plant and Cell Physiology
Artículo2020 Specialized Functions of Olive FAD2 Gene Family Members Related to Fruit Development and the Abiotic Stress Response Plant and Cell Physiology
Artículo2019 Effect of saline irrigation on physiological traits, fatty acid composition and desaturase genes expression in olive fruit mesocarp PLANT PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2019 Transcriptional Regulation of Stearoyl-Acyl Carrier Protein Desaturase Genes in Response to Abiotic Stresses Leads to Changes in the Unsaturated Fatty Acids Composition of Olive Mesocarp FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2018 Effect of a regulated deficit irrigation strategy in a hedgerow 'Arbequina' olive orchard on the mesocarp fatty acid composition and desaturase gene expression with respect to olive oil quality AGRICULTURAL WATER MANAGEMENT
Artículo2017 An Oleuropein beta-Glucosidase from Olive Fruit Is Involved in Determining the Phenolic Composition of Virgin Olive Oil FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Capítulo2017 Environmental factors affecting the phenolic profile of virgin olive oil: Compositional, biochemical and molecular aspects Handbook of Olive Oil: Phenolic Compounds, Production and Health Benefits
Artículo2017 Mapping quantitative trait loci controlling fatty acid composition in olive EUPHYTICA
Artículo2016 Characterization of the S. cerevisiae inp51 mutant links phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate levels with lipid content, membrane fluidity and cold growth Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids
Artículo2016 Differential Contribution of Endoplasmic Reticulum and Chloroplast omega-3 Fatty Acid Desaturase Genes to the Linolenic Acid Content of Olive (Olea europaea) Fruit Plant and Cell Physiology
Artículo2016 Transcriptional Analysis of Stearoyl-Acyl Carrier Protein Desaturase Genes from Olive (Olea europaea) in Relation to the Oleic Acid Content of the Virgin Olive Oil JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY
Artículo2015 Non-redundant Contribution of the Plastidial FAD8 omega-3 Desaturase to Glycerolipid Unsaturation at Different Temperatures in Arabidopsis MOLECULAR PLANT
Artículo2014 Stress-dependent regulation of 13-lipoxygenases and 13-hydroperoxide lyase in olive fruit mesocarp PHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2014 The Evolutionary Conserved Oil Body Associated Protein OBAP1 Participates in the Regulation of Oil Body Size PLANT PHYSIOLOGY
Artículo2014 Virus-Induced Alterations in Primary Metabolism Modulate Susceptibility to Tobacco rattle virus in Arabidopsis PLANT PHYSIOLOGY
Artículo2013 De Novo Assembly and Functional Annotation of the Olive (Olea europaea) Transcriptome DNA RESEARCH
Artículo2013 Pathogen and Circadian Controlled 1 (PCC1) regulates polar lipid content, ABA-related responses, and pathogen defence in Arabidopsis thaliana JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY
Artículo2012 A Cytosolic Acyltransferase Contributes to Triacylglycerol Synthesis in Sucrose-Rescued Arabidopsis Seed Oil Catabolism Mutants PLANT PHYSIOLOGY
Artículo2012 Contribution of the different omega-3 fatty acid desaturase genes to the cold response in soybean JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY
Artículo2012 Molecular cloning, functional characterization and transcriptional regulation of a 9-lipoxygenase gene from olive PHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2011 12-Oxo-Phytodienoic Acid Accumulation during Seed Development Represses Seed Germination in Arabidopsis PLANT CELL
Artículo2011 Effect of different environmental stresses on the expression of oleate desaturase genes and fatty acid composition in olive fruit PHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2010 Increasing omega-3 Desaturase Expression in Tomato Results in Altered Aroma Profile and Enhanced Resistance to Cold Stress PLANT PHYSIOLOGY
Artículo2010 Isolation, Expression, and Characterization of a 13-Hydroperoxide Lyase Gene from Olive Fruit Related to the Biosynthesis of the Main Virgin Olive Oil Aroma Compounds JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY
Artículo2009 Expression Analysis Identifies FAD2-2 as the Olive Oleate Desaturase Gene Mainly Responsible for the Linoleic Acid Content in Virgin Olive Oil JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY
Artículo2009 Functional Characterization of Two 13-Lipoxygenase Genes from Olive Fruit in Relation to the Biosynthesis of Volatile Compounds of Virgin Olive Oil JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY
Artículo2008 The utilization and desaturation of oleate and linoleate during glycerolipid biosynthesis in olive (Olea europaea L.) callus cultures JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY
Artículo2005 Molecular cloning and characterization of genes encoding two microsomal oleate desaturases (FAD2) from olive PHYTOCHEMISTRY
Análisis metabólico y molecular del contenido de ácido linoleico en el fruto del olivo (Olea europaea) (2008)
Dirigida por: Mancha Perello, Manuel, Martinez Rivas, Jose Manuel

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Proyectos de Investigación

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05/10/2021 31/03/2023 Investigador/a Efecto del balance redox del cloroplasto sobre la eficiencia del proceso fotosintético en plantas (P20_00567) Consejería de Economía, Conocimiento, Empresas y Universidad (Autonómico)
01/09/2021 31/08/2024 Investigador/a Desentrañando el componente oxidativo de la regulación redox del cloroplasto (PID2020-115156GB-I00) Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (Nacional)
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