Juan Jose Rios Martin

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Artículo2021 An unusual case of desmoplastic melanoma with monster cells imitating an atypical fibroxanthoma International Journal of Surgical Pathology
Revisión2021 Dermatopatología de la oclusión intraluminal vascular: parte I (trombos) ACTAS DERMO-SIFILIOGRAFICAS
Revisión2021 Dermatopatología de la oclusión intraluminal vascular: parte II (coagulopatías, émbolos y miscelánea) ACTAS DERMO-SIFILIOGRAFICAS
Revisión2021 Granulomas en dermatopatología: principales entidades. Parte I ACTAS DERMO-SIFILIOGRAFICAS
Revisión2021 Granulomas en dermatopatología: principales entidades. Parte II ACTAS DERMO-SIFILIOGRAFICAS
Artículo2021 Morphological and molecular study of hybrid oncocytic/chromophobe tumor of the kidney associated with sporadic renal oncocytosis and chronic B-cell lymphocytic leukemia: the possible contribution of lymphoma to renal oncocytosis PATHOBIOLOGY
Artículo2021 Unusual endoscopic findings in an immunosuppressed patient ENDOSCOPY
Letter2020 Age as a prognostic factor in thick and ultrathick melanomas without lymph node metastasis JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF DERMATOLOGY AND VENEREOLOGY
Letter2018 Infiltration of abdominal striae distensae by Hodgkin's lymphoma INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY
Artículo2018 Recurrent Cutaneous Angiosarcoma of the Scalp With Aberrant Expression of S100: A Case Report AMERICAN JOURNAL OF DERMATOPATHOLOGY
Letter2017 Squamous cell carcinoma of the penis successfully treated with imiquimod 5% cream in a porphyria cutanea tarda patient DERMATOLOGIC THERAPY
Artículo2016 Cutaneous metastases on the head and neck from a papillary thyroid carcinoma, follicular variant ACTAS DERMO-SIFILIOGRAFICAS
Artículo2016 Surgical removal of a noninvoluting congenital hemangioma using a modified sub-brow flap JAAD Case Reports
Artículo2015 Association between tumor size and Breslow's thickness in malignant melanoma: a cross-sectional, multicenter study MELANOMA RESEARCH
Editorial2015 Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Mimicking A Pyogenic Granuloma ACTA DERMATO-VENEREOLOGICA
Letter2015 Nasal pigmented papule Piel
Artículo2015 Role of age and sex in the diagnosis of early-stage malignant melanoma: A cross-sectional study ACTA DERMATO-VENEREOLOGICA
Capítulo2014 Cutaneous Leiomyosarcoma Leiomyosarcoma: Risk Factors, Diagnosis and Treatment Options
Letter2014 Dermatomyositis and malignant melanoma: a rare association that worsens prognosis? INTERNAL MEDICINE JOURNAL
Letter2014 Diffuse neonatal hemangiomatosis with partial response to propranolol INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY
Artículo2014 The role of accessibility policies and other determinants of health care provision in the initial prognosis of malignant melanoma: A cross-sectional study JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF DERMATOLOGY
Letter2013 Carcinoma erysipetaloides. Lymphatic spread of breast carcinoma Piel
Artículo2013 Dermal metastasic leiomyosarcoma Piel
Artículo2012 Application of fluorescence in situ hybridization as a diagnostic tool in melanocytic lesions, using paraffin wax-embedded tissues and imprint-cytology specimens CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL DERMATOLOGY
Artículo2012 Effect of Teledermatology on the Prognosis of Patients With Cutaneous Melanoma ARCHIVES OF DERMATOLOGY
Artículo2012 Síndrome de Wells asociado a síndrome de Churg-Strauss Piel
Letter2012 What is the cause of retraction spaces associated with basal cell carcinoma? JOURNAL OF CUTANEOUS PATHOLOGY
Revisión2011 Approaches to the Dermatopathologic Diagnosis of Figurate Lesions ACTAS DERMO-SIFILIOGRAFICAS
Artículo2011 Primary Cutaneous Melanoma: Prognostic Factors Not Included in the Classification of the American Joint Committee on Cancer ACTAS DERMO-SIFILIOGRAFICAS
Letter2009 Dermoscopic appearance of dermatofibroma-like Spitz nevus JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF DERMATOLOGY
Artículo2007 Teledermatology-based presurgical management for nonmelanoma skin cancer: A pilot study DERMATOLOGIC SURGERY
Artículo2006 Localized Kaposi's sarcoma in a patient with pemphigus vulgaris JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF DERMATOLOGY AND VENEREOLOGY
Artículo2005 Dysplastic pointillist nevus ARCHIVES OF DERMATOLOGY
Letter2005 Sarcomatoid basal cell carcinoma [1] AMERICAN JOURNAL OF DERMATOPATHOLOGY
Artículo2005 Teledermatology as a filtering system in pigmented lesion clinics Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare
Letter2004 Multiple lesions of pyoderma gangrenosum in association with hyper-reactive malarial splenomegaly BRITISH JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY
Artículo2003 Cutaneous pseudolymphoma in association with molluscum contagiosum in an elderly patient JOURNAL OF CUTANEOUS PATHOLOGY
Artículo2001 Sinonasal radiation-associated osteosarcoma after combined therapy for rhabdomyosarcoma of the nose AURIS NASUS LARYNX
Artículo1999 Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma and human immunodeficiency virus infection: 2 cases and a review of the literature ACTA DERMATO-VENEREOLOGICA
Artículo1996 Metachronical large bowel neoplasm in a young male Oncología
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