Enrique Dorronzoro Zubiete

Profesor Contratado Doctor
Área de conocimiento: Tecnología Electrónica
Departamento: Tecnología Electrónica
Tipo Año Título Fuente
Capítulo2022 Digital coaching for personalized healthcare of cardiovascular diseases Personalized Health Systems for Cardiovascular Disease
Capítulo2021 Impact of COVID-19 on multiple sclerosis topic discussion on Twitter Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
Capítulo2021 Smart home applications for cognitive health of older adults Smart Home Technologies and Services for Geriatric Rehabilitation
Artículo2020 A personalized physical activity coaching app for breast cancer survivors: design process and early prototype testing JMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH
Ponencia2020 Analysing sentiment and topics related to multiple sclerosis on twitter Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
Artículo2020 Assessment of the fairness of privacy policies of mobile health apps: scale development and evaluation in cancer apps JMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH
Artículo2020 Breast cancer survivors' perspectives on motivational and personalization strategies in mobile app-based physical activity coaching interventions: qualitative study JMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH
Artículo2020 Factors engaging users of diabetes social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: observational study JOURNAL OF MEDICAL INTERNET RESEARCH
Revisión2020 Feedback design in targeted exercise digital biofeedback systems for home rehabilitation: a scoping review SENSORS
Revisión2020 Privacy assessment in mobile health apps: scoping review JMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH
Revisión2020 Suicide risk assessment using machine learning and social networks: a scoping review JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SYSTEMS
Ponencia2019 Biofeedback in breast cancer rehabilitation: applying the WHO ICF core set to identify opportunities and recommendations Proceedings - IEEE Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems
Artículo2019 Diabetes on Twitter: a sentiment analysis Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology
Ponencia2019 Privacy in mobile health applications for breast cancer patients 2019 IEEE 32ND INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON COMPUTER-BASED MEDICAL SYSTEMS (CBMS)
Artículo2018 Activating technology for connected health in cancer: protocol for a research and training program JOURNAL OF MEDICAL INTERNET RESEARCH
Artículo2018 Exploring the specific needs of persons with multiple sclerosis for mHealth solutions for physical activity: mixed-methods study JMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH
Artículo2018 Preferences and interests of diabetes social media users regarding a health-promotion intervention PATIENT PREFERENCE AND ADHERENCE
Artículo2018 Supply and demand in mHealth apps for persons with multiple sclerosis: systematic search in app stores and scoping literature review JMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH
Ponencia2017 Active sensing for human activity recognition by a home bio-monitoring robot in a home living environment Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Revisión2017 Mobile Phone Apps for Quality of Life and Well-Being Assessment in Breast and Prostate Cancer Patients: Systematic Review JMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH
Artículo2016 Evaluation of a home biomonitoring autonomous mobile robot COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2016 Fingerprint indoor location simulator for AAL JOURNAL OF AMBIENT INTELLIGENCE AND SMART ENVIRONMENTS
Artículo2015 Design and Implementation of a Prototype with a Standardized Interface for Transducers in Ambient Assisted Living SENSORS
Artículo2015 Spatial visual attention for novelty detection: a space-based saliency model in 3D using spatial memory IPSJ Transactions on Computer Vision and Applications
Ponencia2014 Chemoprophylaxis application for meningococcal disease for Android devices IFMBE Proceedings
Artículo2014 Development of robust behaviour recognition for an at-home biomonitoring robot with assistance of subject localization and enhanced visual tracking The Scientific World Journal
Capítulo2014 Wireless Sensor Networks in Health Measurement, Instrumentation, and Sensors Handbook
Artículo2013 Analysis of the behavior of an Indoor Position System Based on Fingerprints and IEEE 802.15.4 Communications in Information Science and Management Engineering
Artículo2013 Fingerprint indoor position system based on Bitcloud and Openmac Journal Of Networks
Ponencia2013 Gamification strategy on prevention of STDs for youth MEDINFO 2013: PROCEEDINGS OF THE 14TH WORLD CONGRESS ON MEDICAL AND HEALTH INFORMATICS, PTS 1 AND 2
Ponencia2013 Indoor position system based on a Zigbee network Communications in Computer and Information Science
Ponencia2012 A standard-based body sensor network system proposal Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering
Ponencia2011 Análisis de distintas metodologías de evaluación en prácticas de laboratorio en asignaturas de Redes de Computadores JENUI 2011: XVIII Jornadas de Enseñanza Universitaria de la Informática (2011)
Artículo2011 Open and flexible embedded system applied to positioning and telecontrol IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INSTRUMENTATION AND MEASUREMENT
Ponencia2011 Review of wireless sensors networks in health applications IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Conference Proceedings
Ponencia2010 A method of EOG signal processing to detect the direction of eye movements Proceedings - 1st International Conference on Sensor Device Technologies and Applications, SENSORDEVICES 2010
Ponencia2010 The IEC-60870-5 standard for a personal server applied to telemedicine 12th IEEE International Conference on e-Health Networking, Application and Services, Healthcom 2010
Ponencia2009 IEC-60870-5 application layer for an Open and Flexible Remote Unit IECON: 2009 35TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF IEEE INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS, VOLS 1-6
Ponencia2009 IEC-60870-5 application layer over TCP/IP for an Open and Flexible Remote Unit ISIE: 2009 IEEE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
Ponencia2008 Choosing the right protocol stack for an open and flexible remote unit 2008 IEEE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS, VOLS 1-5
Ponencia2008 Implementing IEC 60870-5 data link layer for an open and flexible remote unit IECON 2008: 34TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE IEEE INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS SOCIETY, VOLS 1-5, PROCEEDINGS

Proyectos de Investigación

Fecha de inicio Fecha de fin Rol Denominación Agencia financiadora
01/06/2020 31/05/2023 Investigador/a Alerta Cannabis: Evaluación de una Intervención a Medida Basada en el Ordenador para la Prevención del Consumo de Cannabis en Adolescentes de 14 a 18 Años (PID2019-107229RA-I00) Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades (Nacional)
13/01/2009 31/12/2013 Investigador/a Interfaz Multimodal Inalámbrica (P08-TIC-03631) Junta de Andalucía - Consejería de Innovación, Ciencia y Empresas (Autonómico)
01/02/2020 30/04/2022 Investigador/a Understanding Daily Multiple Sclerosis related Fatigue: a Participatory Health Informatics Approach (MSF-PHIA) (US-1263715) Junta de Andalucía (Consejería de Economía y Conocimiento) (Autonómico)


Fecha de inicio Fecha de fin Rol Denominación Agencia financiadora
26/10/2012 25/10/2013 Investigador/a Recursos educativos adaptados (SUBPRONC/012/014) Fundación Hergar (Nacional)
El investigador no tiene ningún resultado de investigación asociado