Daniel Cabanillas Balsera

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Área de conocimiento: Estomatología
Departamento: Estomatología
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Artículo2021 Antibiotics prescription by Spanish general practitioners in primary dental care Antibiotics
Artículo2021 Biomaterials in periapical regeneration after microsurgical endodontics: a narrative review Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry
Artículo2021 Evaluation of undergraduate Endodontic teaching in dental schools within Spain INTERNATIONAL ENDODONTIC JOURNAL
Artículo2021 Immediate loading of implants placed by guided surgery in geriatric edentulous mandible patients INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH
Artículo2021 Influence of coronal preflaring on the accuracy of electronic working length determination: systematic review and meta-analysis. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE
Artículo2021 Osseointegration of sandblasted and acid-etched implant surfaces. A histological and histomorphometric study in the rabbit INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES
Artículo2021 Prevalence of endodontic infection in patients with Crohn´s disease and ulcerative colitis Medicina oral, patología oral y cirugía bucal
Artículo2021 Use of contemporary technologies and new materials in undergraduate Endodontics teaching Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry
Artículo2020 Association between dental anxiety and intraoperative pain during root canal treatment: a cross-sectional study INTERNATIONAL ENDODONTIC JOURNAL
Revisión2020 Cardiovascular diseases and apical periodontitis: association not always implies causality Medicina oral, patología oral y cirugía bucal
Revisión2020 Cigarette smoking and root filled teeth extraction: systematic review and meta-analysis JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE
Artículo2020 Enfermedades cardiovasculares y periodontitis apical: asociación no siempre implica causalidad Medicina oral, patología oral y cirugía bucal
Artículo2020 Relationship between apical periodontitis and metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular events: a cross-sectional study JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE
Revisión2020 Smoking and radiolucent periapical lesions in root filled teeth: systematic review and meta-analysis JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE
Revisión2019 Association between diabetes and nonretention of root filled teeth: a systematic review and meta-analysis INTERNATIONAL ENDODONTIC JOURNAL
Corrección2019 Correction: criteria and treatment decisions in the management of deep caries lesions: Is there endodontic overtreatment? Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry
Revisión2019 Endodontics and diabetes: association versus causation INTERNATIONAL ENDODONTIC JOURNAL
Artículo2019 Leptin stimulates DMP-1 and DSPP expression in human dental pulp via MAPK 1/3 and PI3K signaling pathways ARCHIVES OF ORAL BIOLOGY
Artículo2018 Dentists knowledge, attitudes and determining factors of the conservative approach in teeth with reversible pulpitis and deep caries lesions Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry
Artículo2018 Indicación de antibioterapia sistémica en el tratamiento de las infecciones endodóncicas Soluciones Clínicas en Odontología
Artículo2018 Revascularización pulpar: una alternativa terapéutica en dientes inmaduros necróticos. Endodoncia
Revisión2016 Association between diabetes and the prevalence of radiolucent periapical lesions in root-filled teeth: systematic review and meta-analysis CLINICAL ORAL INVESTIGATIONS
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