Alberto Olmo Fernández

Profesor Titular de Universidad
Área de conocimiento: Tecnología Electrónica
Departamento: Tecnología Electrónica
Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2022 Electrical impedance of surface modified porous titanium implants with femtosecond laser MATERIALS
Ponencia2021 Modeling Edema Evolution with Electrical Bioimpedance: Application to Heart Failure Patients 36th Conference on Design of Circuits and Integrated Systems, DCIS 2021
Artículo2021 The use of high-intensity focused ultrasound for the rewarming of cryopreserved biological material. IEEE transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control
Capítulo2021 Use of X-ray computed tomography for monitoring tissue permeation processes Methods in molecular biology
Letter2020 3D-printed sensors and actuators in cell culture and tissue engineering: framework and research challenges SENSORS
Artículo2020 Characterization and monitoring of titanium bone implants with impedance spectroscopy SENSORS
Artículo2020 Electrical modeling of the growth and differentiation of skeletal myoblasts cell cultures for tissue engineering SENSORS
Artículo2020 Use of impedance spectroscopy for the characterization of in-vitro osteoblast cell response in porous titanium bone implants METALS
Ponencia2019 Characterization of implanted stents through neointimal tissue bioimpedance simulations 2019 41ST ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF THE IEEE ENGINEERING IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY SOCIETY (EMBC)
Artículo2019 Data-analytics modeling of electrical impedance measurements for cell culture monitoring SENSORS
Artículo2019 Electrical pulse stimulation of skeletal myoblasts cell cultures with simulated action potentials JOURNAL OF TISSUE ENGINEERING AND REGENERATIVE MEDICINE
Artículo2019 Evaluation of Implanted Stent Occlusion Status Based on Neointimal Tissue Bioimpedance Simulations JOURNAL OF SENSORS
Artículo2019 Simulation of hypothermic perfusion of rabbit livers for cryopreservation applications CRYOLETTERS
Artículo2019 Use of X-Ray Computed Tomography for Ice Detection Applied to Organ Cryopreservation BIOPRESERVATION AND BIOBANKING
Artículo2018 An empirical-mathematical approach for calibration and fitting cell-electrode electrical models in bioimpedance tests SENSORS
Otros2018 Avoiding recrystallization in organs by selective targeting of ice through magnetic ice-binding proteins CRYOBIOLOGY
Ponencia2018 ECG study in practical labs for biomedical engineering training Tecnología, Aprendizaje y Enseñanza de la Electrónica : Actas del XIII Congreso de Tecnología, Aprendizaje y Enseñanzade la Electrónica, Tenerife, 20-22 de junio, 2018
Resumen congreso2018 Focused ultrasound guided-by-MRI-thermography for fast and controlled re-warming of cryopreserved organs CRYOBIOLOGY
Revisión2018 Mobile health solutions for hypertensive disorders in pregnancy: scoping literature review JMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH
Ponencia2018 Monitoring muscle stem cell cultures with impedance spectroscopy Proceedings of the 11th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies - (Volume 1)
Ponencia2018 Practical characterization of cell-electrode electrical models in bio-impedance assays Proceedings of the 11th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies - (Volume 1)
Artículo2018 Remote cell growth sensing using self-sustained bio-oscillations SENSORS
Artículo2018 Sensing cell-culture assays with low-cost circuitry SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
Ponencia2017 A CMOS Tracking System Approach for Cell Motility Assays Proceedings of the 10th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies - (Volume 1)
Ponencia2017 A tracking algorithm for cell motility assays in CMOS systems 2017 39TH ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF THE IEEE ENGINEERING IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY SOCIETY (EMBC)
Ponencia2017 Bioimpedance real-time charazterization of neointimal tissue inside stents DCIS 2017 - XXXII Conference on Design of Circuits and Integrated Systems (2017)
Letter2017 Electronic clinical decision support system and multifactorial risk factor control in patients with type 2 diabetes in primary health care EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INTERNAL MEDICINE
Artículo2017 Real-Time Electrical Bioimpedance Characterization of Neointimal Tissue for Stent Applications SENSORS
Artículo2016 Microcontroller-based sinusoidal voltage generation for electrical bio-impedance spectroscopy applications Journal of Computer and Communications
Artículo2015 Assessment of the cryoprotectant concentration inside a bulky organ for cryopreservation using X-ray computed tomography CRYOBIOLOGY
Artículo2013 Monitoring living cell assays with bio-impedance sensors SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL
Ponencia2012 A microscopy technique based on bio-impedance sensors Procedia Engineering
Artículo2012 Cell-culture real time monitoring based on bio-impedance measurements Sensors & Transducers
Ponencia2012 Integration of multimedia contents in the teaching of electronics: A practical test case in the teaching of digital circuits at the University of Seville Proceedings - 2012 Technologies Applied to Electronics Teaching, TAEE 2012
Ponencia2010 Bioimpedance Monitoring for Cryopreservation Process Control 2010 ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF THE IEEE ENGINEERING IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY SOCIETY (EMBC)
Ponencia2010 Computer simulation of microelectrode based bio-impedance measurements with COMSOL BIODEVICES 2010: PROCEEDINGS OF THE THIRD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON BIOMEDICAL ELECTRONICS AND DEVICES
Letter2010 Cryopreservation and ultrasounds: Why dig up the past? CRYOBIOLOGY
Ponencia2010 Finite element simulation of microelectrodes for bio-impedance sensor applications Proceedings - 1st International Conference on Sensor Device Technologies and Applications, SENSORDEVICES 2010
Resumen congreso2010 Use of Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) to monitor cryoprotectant concentration in cellular and tissue cryopreservation protocols CRYOBIOLOGY
Artículo2008 Use of a droplet nucleation analyzer in the study of water freezing kinetics under the influence of ultrasound waves INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF REFRIGERATION-REVUE INTERNATIONALE DU FROID

Proyectos de Investigación

Fecha de inicio Fecha de fin Rol Denominación Agencia financiadora
01/02/2020 30/04/2022 Investigador/a Modelado e implementación de la técnica Freeze-Casting: gradientes de porosidad con un equilibrio tribo-mecánico y comportamiento celular electro-estimulado (US-1259771) Junta de Andalucía (Consejería de Economía y Conocimiento) (Autonómico)
01/01/2020 31/12/2022 Investigador/a Valor pronóstico en tiempo real para la monitorización del volumen mediante medidas de bioimpedancias en pacientes con insuficiencia cardíaca aguda (HEART-FAIL VOLUM) (DTS19/00134) Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades (Instituto de Salud Carlos III) (Nacional)
01/01/2019 31/12/2021 Investigador/a Monitorización en Tiempo Real de Variables Hemodinámicas con Stents Inteligentes (Istent) Mediante Sensores Capacitivos y Bioimpedancia. (RTI2018-093512-B-C21) Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades (Nacional)
01/01/2014 31/12/2017 Investigador/a Microsistemas Integrados para Experimentación con Cultivos Celulares (TEC2013-46242-C3-1-P) Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (Nacional)
01/01/2020 31/12/2022 Investigador/a Sistema de medida y electroestimulación para aplicaciones de diferenciación y motilidad celular (P18-FR-2308) Junta de Andalucía (Consejería de Economía y Conocimiento) (Autonómico)