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Referencia: MTM2010-19576-C02-01

Tipo: Proyecto de investigación
Programa financiador: Plan Nacional del 2010
Entidad financiadora: Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
Ámbito: Nacional
Convocatoria competitiva:
Fecha de inicio: 01/01/2011
Fecha de fin: 31/12/2014
Miembros del Proyecto de investigación
Nombre Rol
Puerto Albandoz, Justo Responsable
Pérez Brito, Dionisio Investigador/a
Ramos Gallego, Ana Belén Investigador/a
Fernández García, Francisco Ramón Investigador/a
Ricca, Federica Investigador/a
Blanco Izquierdo, Víctor Investigador/a
Hinojosa Bergillos, Yolanda Investigador/a
Perea Rojas-Marcos, Federico Investigador/a
Pozo Montaño, Miguel Angel Investigador/a
Tamir, Arie Investigador/a
Conde Sánchez, Eduardo Investigador/a
Publicaciones del Proyecto de investigación
Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo 2017 A comparative study of formulations and solution methods for the discrete ordered p-median problem COMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo 2017 A minimum expected regret model for the shortest path problem with solution-dependent probability distributions COMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo 2017 Continuous location under the effect of 'refraction' MATHEMATICAL PROGRAMMING
Artículo 2015 Modelling and planning public cultural schedules for efficient use of resources COMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo 2015 Several 2-facility location problems on networks with equity objectives NETWORKS
Artículo 2015 Short rational generating functions for solving some families of fuzzy integer programming problems FUZZY SETS AND SYSTEMS
Artículo 2015 Swath-acquisition planning in multiple-satellite missions: an exact and heuristic approach IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON AEROSPACE AND ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS
Artículo 2015 The reliable p-median problem with at-facility service EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OPERATIONAL RESEARCH
Artículo 2015 When centers can fail: A close second opportunity COMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo 2014 A Minmax Regret Linear Regression Model Under Uncertainty in the Dependent Variable JOURNAL OF OPTIMIZATION THEORY AND APPLICATIONS
Artículo 2014 A MIP formulation for the minmax regret total completion time in scheduling with unrelated parallel machines OPTIMIZATION LETTERS
Artículo 2014 A modified variable neighborhood search for the discrete ordered median problem EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OPERATIONAL RESEARCH
Artículo 2014 A Semidefinite Programming approach for solving Multiobjective Linear Programming JOURNAL OF GLOBAL OPTIMIZATION
Artículo 2014 A two-stage stochastic transportation problem with fixed handling costs and a priori selection of the distribution channels TOP
Artículo 2014 Banzhaf index for multiple voting systems. An application to the European Union ANNALS OF OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo 2014 Locating optimal timetables and vehicle schedules in a transit line ANNALS OF OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo 2014 Ordered weighted average combinatorial optimization: Formulations and their properties DISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo 2014 Resolution of an Antenna-Satellite assignment problem by means of Integer Linear Programming AEROSPACE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
Artículo 2014 Revisiting several problems and algorithms in continuous location with l(tau) norms COMPUTATIONAL OPTIMIZATION AND APPLICATIONS
Artículo 2014 The multicriteria p-facility median location problem on networks EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OPERATIONAL RESEARCH
Artículo 2013 A minmax regret median problem on a tree under uncertain locations of the demand points OPERATIONS RESEARCH LETTERS
Artículo 2013 A multi-objective approach to fuzzy linear production games INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & DECISION MAKING
Artículo 2013 Finding the nucleolus of any n-person cooperative game by a single linear program COMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo 2013 Minimizing ordered weighted averaging of rational functions with applications to continuous location COMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo 2013 Revisiting a game theoretic framework for the robust railway network design against intentional attacks EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OPERATIONAL RESEARCH
Artículo 2013 Set-valued cooperative games with fuzzy payoffs. The fuzzy assignment game EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OPERATIONAL RESEARCH
Artículo 2012 A new complexity result on multiobjective linear integer programming using short rational generating functions OPTIMIZATION LETTERS
Artículo 2012 On a constant factor approximation for minmax regret problems using a symmetry point scenario EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OPERATIONAL RESEARCH
Artículo 2012 Range minimization problems in path-facility location on trees DISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo 2011 A cooperative location game based on the 1-center location problem EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OPERATIONAL RESEARCH
Artículo 2011 Pareto-optimal security strategies in matrix games with fuzzy payoffs FUZZY SETS AND SYSTEMS
Artículo 2011 Single-allocation ordered median hub location problems COMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo 2011 Some algebraic methods for solving multiobjective polynomial integer programs JOURNAL OF SYMBOLIC COMPUTATION
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